Customizing Your Academy's Look

You can customize your Academy’s look to better fit either your personal preferences or your organization's branding. You can adjust the colors used throughout your academy, as well as add a cover image and logo where desired.

To do so, select Admin in the upper navigation bar. In the left side menu, select Your Academy, then Edit Academy.


In the panel that opens you can:
1) Brand your Academy by editing your Academy’s name, uploading a logo and/or cover photo, and choosing whether to hide or show the academy’s name.
2) Configure your Academy's Skin Management by adjusting your Academy's Site Skin, Widget Skin, and Email Skin.

Brand your Academy

Here, you can give a name to your Academy, select the Cover of your Academy and its logo.


Please note:

  • File type JPG or PNG, max image resolution 2560x2560, max file size limit 4MB
  • Suggested image dimensions are 1920x360 (for cover) and 300x300 (for logo)
  • By uploading your logo or cover you certify that you have the right to distribute this image and that it does not violate our Terms of Use.

Skin Management

Lower on the page, you will find the Skin Management to adjust your Academy’s look. You can customize your Academy's colors on Site Skin and your Academy's Widget Colors on Widget Skin.

Select your desired colors for your site and widget. For more color options, click the eye drop icon next to the color blocks to open the color palette. For your site, you can also select the Menu Size.

Email Skin

Under Email Skin, you can configure the look your Academy Notifications will have. You can select a custom color for your header or select to add your academy cover as your notifications header. You can also select a custom color for your email buttons.


Please note:

  • If Use Academy cover is selected, the uploaded logo will not be displayed in the header.
  • If Use custom color is selected, the uploaded logo will be displayed in the header.

Save when finished.


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