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How Can I Manage My Course Categories?

You can control who has access to the courses in a category by adding specific permissions in your category. These permissions can be set per course category, based on jobs and your academy’s organizational structure. Simply put, you are able to create rules per user’s job in each category.

Here's the simple procedure you need to follow. First, hover over Training in the upper navigation bar and then select the Courses tab from the sub-menu to go to your Course Catalog. Then, select a course category and click on the “small wrench” icon in front of the category's title. A set of functions will appear allowing you to

1. Change Permissions,

2. Rename the Category,

3. Add a subcategory 

4. Delete the category.



By clicking the "Locker" icon, the following screen will be displayed allowing you to add or modify permissions for the category. Admins and Training Managers have access to all categories with no specific permissions required.category3.png

Give the permissions you want to Content Managers or All Employees by selecting your options under the Permissions Profile. You can also choose a specific job and give permissions to ALL units, above units or just to desired units. Finally, save to update the category!

Important Tips to Remember:

* A category now presents the courses of all its subcategories.

* If you delete a category, all courses included will be listed in the "Without Category" section under Categories.

* If you delete a subcategory, all courses included will be listed in the parent category.

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