Managing Event Venues

Venues are predefined places that you can create, in order to easily specify the meeting place for an In-Class Training Event. 

To create a new venue or manage the already created ones, select Admin/Manage from the upper navigation tab. From the left-side menu click on In-Class Training and then Manage Venues


Creating a Venue

To create a new venue, click on the Create Venue button. Fill in the title, the number of seats, and all necessary details. Add the location of the venue (if needed) and click Save to finish the process. Your venue will be now available when creating an In-Class Event!

Managing a Venue

After creating a venue you have the option to:

1. Edit the Venue and change some of the information you have initially added.
2. Archive the Venue so it will no longer be available to be added to an event. You can later find it under the archived venues and Restore it or Delete it if needed. 


3. Copy the venue. An exact same venue will be created which you can edit to quickly create a similar venue. 
4. Delete the venue permanently. 

Adding a venue to a specific event

After you have created a venue you can add it to an existing event or to a new event you are about to create. To do so, head to the Edit Event page, and select the venue from the dropdown. Don't forget to click Save when finished!


Note: Make sure that the maximum number of seats you add in the event's description, doesn't exceed the venue's actual seating capacity, provided in the venue description (Manage Venues).

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