External Content Channels in Your Library (Release Notes)

April 11th Release

Finding good content to offer in your academy is difficult. External Content Channels allow you to select from various free-to-use, curated videos to use in your academy however you see fit.

You always have had the option to link to YouTube or other video hosting sites and utilize those videos as lectures or library items. External Content Channels takes the burden of finding quality content off your hands. Each of these channels are compiled for you. All you need to do is decide on which categories to add. You can then use their content as you see fit within your academy.

In your academy settings, select External Channels. Select the collections you'd like to add to your academy, saving when finished.


The selected channels will appear within their sections in your content library. 


The individual videos within each channel can be added as lectures, shared, and managed like any other piece of content in your library.


Permissions can be edited for each section, but not for individual channel categories.



To remove channels from your library, simply uncheck them in your Academy Settings, and save.



  • External Content ONLY shows when Sections are activated in Academy.

  • External Content sections are independent from other sections. They cannot be prioritized, for example.

  • External Content will not show in the Recently Added homepage block.


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