Expanded Availability of Course and Curriculum Level Notifications

There are several notifications that can be enabled in your academy. These do everything from welcoming the new user to notifying users or managers of completed coursework to announcing new content. These have all been previously managed only by the academy administrator.

Certain notifications previously seen only at the academy level are now available to training managers, instructors, and item creators at the course and curriculum level. This allows those working directly with the course or curriculum to control what notification are sent.

Enabling Notifications

Your academy admin must first decide who will have access to these additional notifications. You can choose to leave it as is and only have the admin control notifications. Alternatively, you can choose to have Training Managers and/or creators manage them, as well.

To enable these notifications select Admin in the top navigation bar. Under Your Academy on the left, select Academy Settings.


Under the Courses and Curricula sections, you'll find Who can manage notifications for specific courses/curricula. Check the appropriate boxes.


Save when finished.


Activating Notifications

Those that have been given the ability can choose which notifications are active for their course or curriculum.

While managing a course or curriculum, select Notifications on the left, and then Academy.


There you will see the available notifications. Select the arrow next to each to reveal its options.


Instructors and creators are able to enable/disable notifications on a course/curriculum level, edit the notification, and adjust notification settings. However, they will not be able to adjust the recipient list, as creators and instructors do not have access to the full organizational structure.



This Release's Included Notifications

This update adds the following notifications to both courses and curricula.

  • You have been awarded a certificate
  • New announcement for your course / curriculum
  • Invitation to enroll in a course / curriculum
  • You have been assigned a course / curriculum
  • New Course / Curriculum enrollment request

The list of available options will expand over time. If you don't see a specific option, please let your representative or Schoox support know.


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