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How can I create an On the Job Training?

Sometimes training needs to take place in person. In Schoox, you can set up various steps that need to be done in the presence of an instructor. You are then able to verify the completion of the steps and keep track of them within Schoox, as you would normally do with any other training. In Schoox, we call this On the Job Training.

Types of On the Job Training

There are two types of On the Job Training: the Course-connected On the Job Training and the Standalone On the Job Training.

1) To set up a Course-Connected On the Job Training, navigate to the appropriate course panel, and under the On the Job Training tab of the left side menu, click Create new On the job Training.


2) To set up a Standalone On the Job Training, hover over Training, select On the Job Training and then click on Create new On the Job Training.  


Setting Up an On the Job Training

In either case, once you click on Create new On the Job Training you will be redirected to the Edit Info page, where you can give basic info about your On the Job Training.

In the space provided, type in the name of your "On the Job Training" step. For Standalone On the Job Trainings only, you also have to select an On the Job Training Category.

For both types of On the Job Training, you have the option to control whether trainees will be able to see their evaluation when complete. 


Please note:  Even if trainees cannot see their evaluation, they will be able to read any notes written by the instructor.

Moreover, you have the option to allow Simple and Signature Tasks (not, for example, any Home assignments) to be completed just by the user signing them off. The dropdown setting labeled “Sign-off required for OJT completion" has three options to give you more flexibility to address several different use cases that do not only require the trainer sign-off.


The three options you have are the following:

Trainer only: The OJT tasks will be marked as completed only if the trainer signs off (this is the default option).
Trainee only: The OJT tasks will be marked as completed only if the trainee signs off. In this case, the trainer will still be able to sign off, but that won't have any effect on the task's progress.
Both Trainer and Trainee: The OJT tasks will be marked as completed only if both the trainer and the trainee sign off.

For Course-connected On the Job Trainings, you have two more options. First, you can control whether this On the Job Training is required to complete this course. Secondly, admins have the option to apply a Job restriction and select which users should be allowed to sign-off, based on their job.



Please note: If you select the On the Job Training to not be required for course completion, this step will not have an effect on users' progress.  

In order to save your new On the Job Training step, just click on the relevant Save changes button.


You can then add various tasks that need to be completed during this particular training, or specifics you need to check off the list before the step is considered complete. To add tasks go to the On the Job Training Panel and select Edit Tasks.


Click on the Create new task button, select one of the available types of tasks and fill in the relevant Title and Description. Add the estimated time required for task completion, choose if you want managers to provide the actual time that the user needed to complete the task, select if you want this task to be signable only by an academy admin,  and click Save new Task when you've finished.


Please note:

  • If you mark a task as "signable only by admin", Managers will not be able to evaluate the users under their org structure even if they have the "Assess On the Job Training Performance" permission enabled.
  • Upon completion of the OJT, the "Estimated Time Required for Task Completion" will be added to the total time spent on the course. However, managers have the option during the sign-off/ assessment process to replace this time with the actual time the employee sent to complete the task.
  • For Course-Connected On the Job Trainings you also have the option to create a Task Pool when creating a new Task. To learn more about this read: How To Create A Task Pool For Your Course-Connected On The Job Trainings

Available Types of Tasks:

Simple Task: A Simple task does not require any verification from the trainee, they just need to sign off their task in order to be marked as completed.

Home Assignment: You can also set an On the Job Training task to be completed with a Home Assignment. A Home Assignment task requires the trainees to accomplish some sort of homework, and then verify that they have completed the assignment by uploading an assignment document or file. After the upload, the task is considered complete; and the managers can download the assignments, review them, and rate them.

Please note that only the files of one of the following types can be uploaded (as a home assignment): 

.zip, .rar, .3gp, .avi, .flv, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .ogv, .webm, .wmv, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .mp3, .m4a

Open Question: You have the option to ask from the trainees to answer to an open question. For example, you can set a task “Describe the three most popular dishes in a paragraph of at least 100 words” and the employee can write the paragraph to complete the task.

Task with Signature: By adding this type of task, users will be able to sign off their tasks by drawing their signature. Moreover, you have the option to decide if this task should be signable only by an admin (Admin Task) or if the Trainee can mark the task as completed through Trainer's account (

Apart from the task's description, for each of the tasks, you have the option to upload instructions for your trainees by clicking on one of the following options:

  • Add Url Instructions
  • Upload Instructions
  • Add Instructions from Library


Moreover, each OJT task can be associated with a specific skill or set of skills. For each task, click on the Associate with skills field, and choose the skills from the list provided. This allows you to use the results of this On the Job Training alongside skill management in your Academy.

Manage Progress for Course-Connected On the Job Trainings

Before adding a new task to your existing Course-Connected On the Job Training, you have the option to decide what happens to the users who have already completed the On the Job Training in question. 

To do so, select the Edit On the Job Trainings option from the Course Panel. 

The "Manage Progress: For New Tasks" setting is available on this page. Just adjust the setting to your needs!

  • If Yes is selected, the new task will be automatically marked as completed for the users who had already completed the On the Job Training in question. So, by accessing the Employees' dashboard and by hovering over the indicator icon you will be able to see why the task was automatically marked as completed. Screenshot_32.png
  • If No is selected, the On the Job Training and Course progress will be updated even for the users who had completed the On the Job Training in the past.

Please note: The Manage Progress setting applies only for OJTs that are required for course completion.


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