Enabling Goals Management in Your Academy

An embedded communication tool for collaboration is available, giving you the ability to set organizational, team, and employees (personal) goals around pillars. As an Admin you have the option to enable this feature through your Academy settings. 

Managers with the Create & Assign Goal permission enabled are now able to create and assign a team or employees goals to the members of their academy in order to achieve the target goals that have been set for their organization. They are able to cascade organizational goals based on hierarchy and have an overview of goals progress at a glance.

The first step that the Academy Admin will have to follow is to Enable the Goals Management Module, under the Advanced Academy Settings! To do so, hover over Admin from the upper navigation menu and click on the Academy Settings option.


Then access the Performance Modules option under the Advanced Settings tab and enable the Goals Management feature!


You can now define some more settings to make sure that the feature will meet the needs of your organization!


A. Pillars

You, as an Admin, can set up Pillars (fundamental categories of goals) and Areas (pillars subcategories) for your business. For example, "Business sustainability" could be a Pillar, whereas "Upselling" could be its Area respectively. Please note that this option (setting up pillars and areas) is not available for users with non-admin rights. From this option, you can decide if you want to have both Pillars and Areas as a way of categorization.

B. Employees can Create self-created goals

Do you want your employees to be able to create personal, self-created goals? Feel free to change the toggle based on your needs!

C. Besides the creator the Goal can also be edited by Assigned Employee

Use the relevant checkbox to define who will be able to edit a goal.


D. Permissions

It's time to decide which are the goals a Manager should be able to see and to whom he will be able to assign them. 


Only direct reports: In this case, you will be asked to define direct reports and select one of the following options:

  • Members directly associated with the (Above) Unit of the Supervisor as well as the Manager(s) of the (Above) Units one level below
  • Only members directly associated with the (Above) Unit of the Supervisor.

Entire sub-organization: In this case, the manager will be able to assign goals to all of the users under his/her org structure.


Only direct reports: A manager will be able to see only the goals of his direct reports, i.e. one level down.

Entire sub-organization: A manager will be able to see the goals of all employees that are at any level below them.

Last but not least, from this option you will need to define what will happen with the goals that a Manager was assigned. Should he be able to assign them to the co-managers or not? It's up to you!

E. Besides the employee the Goal tasks, courses, links, and files can also be edited by the manager

Goals may consist of several different tasks & resources. Select if Managers should be able to edit these tasks or not.

F. Due Date is required for Goal Creation

If you don't want the "due date" to be a required field, please make sure to have the relevant toggle turned to "no".


G. Who can create Team Goals

You can select whether Admins, HR managers, or both should be able to create team goals.

H. Goals will

Here you can select if, in general, a goal should remain associated with a user through an organizational transfer or not. This setting will also define the default option for when a new goal is created. You have two options:

  • Follow the assignees in any organizational or/and job change
  • Stay only with the assignees who match the assignment criteria

If the "Follow the assignees in any organizational or/and job change" option is selected, then if a user is assigned a Goal and is then moved to a new Job or new Org Node, the Goal will remain associated with them.

You have now completed the basic setup for your goals. But it's time to define which (Above) Units will participate in this feature and which Managerial jobs should be able to view and assign goals! To do so please check the article: How to define who will participate in the Goals Management feature?

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