Defining Goals Management Participation

Once you have enabled the Goals Management feature for your academy, you, as an Admin, are ready to define which (Above) Units will participate in this feature and which Managerial jobs should be able to view and assign goals!

Step 1: Structure Configuration

Click on the Structure Configuration option under your Administration panel. Filter results and select which of the Above Units, Units and Jobs will participate in this feature.


Step 2: Managerial Jobs - Permissions

It's time to define which Managerial jobs will be able to view and assign goals. To do so, please click on Set up Organization, find the desired managerial jobs under the three available tabs and add the View & Assign Goal permission, if needed. Permission.png

Having a correct and solid organizational structure is one of the key factors in the success of Goals Management. So do not hesitate to spend a little more time on building a solid org structure and once you are ready feel free to create the Pillars and/or Areas for your Goals!

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