Goal Types

Once the Admin has set up the pillars and the associated areas for the organization, users are able to create goals! But let's check which are the different types of goals that can be created first!


Goal Types:

Personal goal: People can create personal goals for themselves. Practically, these are goals that one single person has to accomplish. Please note that people with non-managerial jobs can also create employees' goals (personal goals) if the relevant setting is enabled for the organization (Academy Settings).

Individual (Team) goal: Managers can create personal goals for their employees. The individual goal is a goal that a manager created for one of his/her team members. 

Organizational: They can be set up at any level and org node within the org structure and cascade down based on the hierarchy. The job/person in charge will be responsible for the goal and can assign sub-goals to lower levels.


In order to create and manage goals, hover over Performance (from the upper navigation bar) and click on Goals:


Depending on your role and your permissions you will be able to see one or more of the following tabs:


  • My Goals: Under this tab, each logged-in user can see all of the goals that he/she is involved in. Practically, each user can see all of the self-created goals and all of the goals that his/her employees have.
  • Team Goals: Under the "Team goals" each manager can see which are the goals that each one of his members under his/her org structure has.
  • Organizational Goals: Under "Organizational goals", all managers with the view & assign permission enabled can see the organizational goals related to their org structure.

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