Creating an Organizational Goal

An embedded communication tool for collaboration is now available, giving Managers with the View & Assign Goal permission enabled the ability to create individual goals for their employees!

Note: In order to be able to create and assign goals it is a prerequisite that both you and the assignees have a job assigned.

If you have not already checked which are the available goal types, please check them here first!

In order to create and manage individual (team) goals, hover over Performance (from the upper navigation bar) and click on Goals:


Under Organizational goals, all managers with the relevant permission enabled can see the organizational goals related to their org structure. Click on the Create goal button:


You will be redirected to the Edit Goal info page where you have to add some basic information for your goal!

As a first step, you will need to assign the goal to a specific (Above)Unit!


Please note that the list of (Above) Units that you will be able to see depends on the settings applied for your academy. As an example, if you are a Unit Manager, you will be able to select only your Unit as there are no other org nodes under your org structure. 

Αdd a title and a short description of the goal and define its type (numeric or not, increasing or not, etc.). Connect the goal with a specific Pillar and/or Area if needed, add the current and the target value and define a specific due date if desired.

Select if you want the goal to follow the assignees in any organizational or/and job change or if it should stay only with the assignees who match the assignment criteria- practically, select what should happen if the user loses this org level and job.

Last but not least, don't forget to hit Save once finished!


The goal has been created!

On the About page of the goal, you can have a preview of all of the details you added during the creation along with the current progress. Users that have a common goal assigned, have also the option to use a chat box in order to communicate with each other.


Please note that the above setting can't be changed after the goal is created. That's because when creating a "Stay goal" the goal is connected both with the user and the org node the user belongs to however when creating a "Follow goal" you connect the goal only with the user.

You can also create some tasks for you that will help you achieve the Goal, you can add some files/links that are related to this goal, and you can also associate specific courses, if needed. Just click on the relevant tab and complete the setup of your goal!


You can also create a badge that will be awarded to the Managers once the goal has been accomplished:


Last but not least, you can also cascade your goals and ask teams from one level below to contribute to an organizational goal. To do so, click on the Cascaded tab and select Cascade goal:


For some more information on this functionality, please read also: How to cascade organizational goals?

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