Cascading Organizational Goals

An embedded communication tool for collaboration is now available, giving managers with the View & Assign Goal permission enabled the ability to create individual goals for their employees.

Moreover, Admins & Managers have the option to cascade organizational goals and ask specific Above Units/ Units/ Individuals to contribute to an organizational goal.

To do so, select the desired goal. Under the Cascaded tab, select Cascade goal:


Choose the desired (Above) Units or individuals and select the Cascade button:Aboves_or_members.png

Change the current and target value of the goal for the selected (Above) Unit/ Individual, modify the title if needed, and save.


Please note that organizational goals are associated with organizational nodes (job and location); they are not associated with a specific individuals. 

As an example, let's say that John Doe is a Unit Manager in the Unit "Thessaloniki" and John's supervisor assigns an organizational goal to the job John does at his location. The goal is connected with John's job and location, NOT John. If leaves at some point in the future and if the goal should stay only with the assignees who match the assignment criteria, the goal will remain assigned to the next user assigned to the job of "Unit Manager" for the Unit "Thessaloniki".

Let's explore another example.

We will use the following Org structure for our example, where Greece is an Above Unit and Thessaloniki & Athens are Units:


The Head of Greece can create an Organizational goal and cascade it to the connected Units. Moreover, the Unit Managers can cascade it as well and assign different goals to their individuals, if needed. For this example, the result will be the following:


Once the individuals complete their goals and sub-goals, the original goal will be accomplished.

NOTE: The supervisor cannot be changed once the goal has been created.

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