Mobile Release Notes — 2023

July 2023

Release 10.7.1 Early August Release

  • Added Video Exams support on mobile
  • Dashboard has been renewed
    • Added missing pages for the compliance dashboard (for compliance curricula and view by member)
    • Merged the dashboard tools and the dashboard steps’ progress in a single page when manager can easily check everything regarding a member and a training item (course, curriculum, etc
    • Made the info in the listings simpler and more readable.
  • Revisited the system of re-sending  progress if user loses internet while they’re taking an exam.
    • Messaging and the mechanism of the system has been updated in order to give the proper messages to the user about the sync of their progress with the server

June 2023

Release 10.6

  • Replace icons with thumbnail images in exams
    • Exams will now show images instead of icons
  • Coaching V1.3.1
    • PDF forms will now include images and other pertinent information
    • Adding Close-ended question type. Coachees must select from specific options.
  • Library: New card and save menu enhancement
    • New option has been added: Add to course
    • Step 1 - Select course by name and image
    • Step 2 - Edit title, description, thumbnail, Add as lecture and Add as a supplemental material options
  • Profile: Enhancement and Tabs
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