Manage Members Page Refactor

Changes have been made to the Manage Members page. The biggest changes are under the hood, resulting in the page feeling quicker and more responsive.

This feature is available to all administrators and any manager with the Manage Members permission.

Adjusting Member (Above) Units

The options to associate Above Units and Units with members has been moved from the side of the page to above the member list. The functionality remains the same. Check the box next to any relevant members, and select the appropriate options at the top.


Search for a specific type, if needed, then make your selections from the window that appears.


Saving when finished.


The Deactivate option location is also included in this change.

Editing Member Jobs

To adjust member jobs, select the member's Edit Job option.


Then search for a specific job, if needed, and select the desired job.


Saving when finished.


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