Assign Co-Planners to the Performance Review Level

Currently, an Admin can only add a co-planner to the review cycle level, which grants the co-planner access to all of the reviews the Reviewer has to conduct for that cycle. This creates privacy challenges for our customers, as most of the time the co-planner should only see specific users' reviews.

This update makes the co-planner functionality more granular with the ability to add co-planners on the review level.

Enabling Co-planners

Admins can add co-planners to all profiles as they need. In order for a reviewer, on the other hand, to invite co-planners to a review, it must first be enabled in the performance review profile. While creating the profile or editing an existing inactive profile, select the Reviewer can invite Co-Planner checkbox under Review's cycle.


Co-Planner Notifications

Co-Planner notifications can be found by selecting Admin/Manage in the top navigation bar. Then on the left under Notifications, Academy. Finally, under the Performance Reviews Tab, Invite a co-planner.


Assigning Co-planners

To assign a Co-planner to a review, make sure that the desired co-planners have the Performance Review permission.

Then navigate to the Manage Co-planners section by selecting Admin/Manage/Reporting in the upper navigation bar, then under Performance Reviews on the left, Manage Co-Planners.


Select View within the profile.


Search for and check the box(es) of the appropriate review(s), and select Add Co-Planner.


Search for and select the desired individual in the window that appears.


Removing Co-Planners

To remove a co-planner, select the arrow in the appropriate profile.


Then select Remove.


Reviewing Co-Planner Reviews

As a co-planner, access your reviews by hovering over Performance in the top navigation bar, and selecting Reviews.


Under My Co-Planner Reviews, search for the desired profile, and select Review Now.


Complete your review, saving when finished.


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