Assigning Courses to Employees

In Schoox, you have three different options for assigning courses:

  1. assign courses to specific employees
  2. assign courses to a group of employees based on their job and location
  3. assign courses to academy groups (an option available only for Admins and Group Creators). For this option (group assignment) please follow the link: Assigning Courses To An Academy Group

The easiest way to start assigning a course to employees is to navigate to the desired course (not the course panel) and click the blue Assign button.

You are then landing into the Course Panel, where you will be given the option to assign the course either to specific employees (Individual Assignment) or to a group of employees based on their job and location (Advanced Assignment).

1. Assign a course directly to employees

You can find individuals easier using the search field and drop-down filter menus.

To assign an individual to this course, click the Plus symbol next to their name in the left-hand column. Their name will then appear in the right-hand Selected column.
To remove an individual from the list, click the Minus symbol.

After selecting the desired individuals, you can give them a due date by typing in either the number of days in which they have to complete the course, or a specific date by which the course needs to be completed. Please note that in both cases, the due date is being defined based on the logged-in user's (assignor's) preferred timezone.

Once you add value for the due date field, you will be able to see an extra checkbox titled “Unassign users once due date is missed''. Once selected, each user who is included in this assignment should be automatically unassigned from the course once the due date passes.

If you select the “Unassign users once due date is missed'', another checkbox will appear, which if selected will auto-unassign the users as soon as they reach their due date, regardless of their completion or certificate’s expiration.


I you wish, you can add an attachment by selecting if you want the prerequisites (if any) to be assigned as well, and click on the Assign button.

Each of these individuals will then receive a notification in Schoox as well as an email if they've set up that functionality.

If you want to bypass global notifications settings for course/curricula and:

  • send a notification for a specific assignment, although no notification should be sent out based on the global settings                                                                                                                                    Or
  • not send a notification for a specific assignment, although a notification should be sent out based on the global settings

you can do so by checking/ not checking off the relevant checkbox:


Please note: if you decided to either assign this course to the selected individuals this one time or if you have scheduled this for a future one-off assignment, that you also see: Assigning courses for future dates


2. Assign a course to a group of employees based on their job and location

You can also assign a course to one or more groups of people based on their job and location. Moreover, you can create an assignment rule to assign future hires automatically. Last but not least, you also have the option to schedule the assignment to be made as a one-off, on a specific future date.

For more information on how to schedule the assignment to be completed on a future date, please see: Assigning Courses for a future date

Under Advanced Assignment, select the specific job to which this assignment is associated

Then, select both the desired Above Units and Units in their respective columns, filtering using the drop-down menus, if needed. By clicking on the view selected option, only the items that you have already selected will be filtered.

You can also filter the users based on custom fields that you have set up for your Academy by clicking the "Choose Additional Fields" dropdown. There you will also find the Academy Joined Date and Hired Date fields as options for filtering. 

The number of individuals affected will appear below.


You have the option of using an extra filter for members who have a specific language set as a preferred content language.

Moreover, you have the choice of either assigning this course to this group this one time and/or setting up a rule that will automatically assign individuals under these parameters in the future. To learn more about how to set an Automated Assignment Rule please see: Setting up auto assignment rules

Please also note:

If you wish to assign external courses to the users, you will first need to allocate a license to them. Please see: Allocating my subscription's licenses to the members of my Academy

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