Awarding Badges

In Schoox, administrators and managers can award virtual badges to academy members to signify a job well done. These badges appear in their profiles.

You have two options for manually awarding badges to your academy members:

  1. Award a badge to specific members
  2. Award a badge to a collection of members based on their job and location

Awarding a badge to a specific individual

To award a badge to someone specific, follow the steps below:

  •  Click on the Admin tab. Then, under Members, Manage MembersSelect the member's name from the list.


  • You will be taken to the member's profile page, where you can click Award a Badge at the top of the page.


  • In the pop-up window that arises, select the desired badge.  Then click the blue Award Badge button near the bottom of the window. The member will get a notification that a badge has been awarded to them.


Awarding Multiple Badges

To award multiple badges at once, select Admin in the top navigation bar. Under Gamification, select Award Badges.


Select the desired badge. Then, under the Individual Award tab, you can find individuals to whom you want to award the selected badge. You can find individuals easier using the Search field and drop-down filter menus.


After selecting the desired individuals, just click on the blue Award button at the bottom of the page. Each of the selected individuals will then receive a notification in Schoox, and an email if they've set up that functionality.


2. Award a badge to a group of employees based on their job and location

You can also award a badge to one or more groups of people based on your organizational structure. Under Advanced Award, select the jobs to which this awarding is associated. 


Then, select both the desired Above Units and Units in their respective columns and filter using the drop-down menus, if needed. The number of individuals affected will appear below.


Click the blue Award Now button at the bottom of the page once finished. All of the relevant users will then receive a notification in Schoox, and an email if they've set up that functionality.


Please note: You have the option to award the same badge to a specific user more than once. You will be able to find some more details for the dates that this badge was awarded if you check the Badges Report under Report Builder.


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