Getting Started as a Learner

Welcome to Schoox!

Schoox makes it possible to experience learning wherever work happens. Schoox allows you to not only help you learn how to do your job, but also gives you the tools to expand your possibilities moving forward in your career.

Navigating around Schoox is fairly straightforward - everything starts with the upper navigation bar. The options shown are determined by the permissions granted to each individual as well as features activated in the academy. What you see may be different than what is shown in this article.


Home Page

Home is your default landing page, where you will end up when logging into your academy.

Your Homepage is made up of several useful information blocks, or gadgets, that can be configured to suit the needs of your organization or at the personal level.

All of these gadgets display up-to-the-minute details; their information will change over time and may even disappear if the block, or gadget, does not have information that is pertinent to a specific user.

The gadgets themselves are determined at the administrator level, but the order they appear on the page can be adjusted by dragging and dropping them.



Here you can find all of your certificates and accomplishments. You are also able to add your email, any certificates you've earned outside of Schoox, and also set your preferred language. This last one is important if your organization offers content in more than one language.



In My Dashboard, you can see at a glance how you're progressing with your training.



Here you can find all published courses, curricula, on the job trainings, and events in your academy.

All courses appear here - even courses you have already enrolled in or been assigned to. You can recognize the courses in which you are already enrolled from the progress bar that appears just under the description of the course.  If there is a due date for a course or curriculum, it will appear right after the course or curriculum description.

To attend a course click the title, and then click on the Enroll button.

Please note:

  • If your Training Manager assigns you a course, you will automatically be enrolled; it will appear in the Your Training section. 
  • You can also find and enroll in courses that interest you without having the Training Manager assign them to you. 

The Content Library is the place where members can share any kind of content (files and web resources). Content can be YouTube or Vimeo Videos, presentations, interesting web pages, or documents.


Depending on your permissions, you may be allowed to share content with the Academy, or you may simply have access to the library.



Not all Academies have a Wall. If your Admin decided to have a Wall, you will have access to it by clicking on this tab. Depending on your Academy's rules, you may be able to post and comment on others' posts.


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