How can I add content into my personal Library?

In SchooX it is very easy to share content with others (friends, co-workers, corporate library, etc). To share content with the Academy library you have the following options:

1. Add URL or Upload a file through Schoox :
To add a lecture directly to your academy library, select Library in your academy navigation bar (with your academy logo on the left).

Then click either ADD URL or UPLOAD FILE.

i. Add URL

You can add pages from other websites as lectures. These are simply references to those pages; nothing from that site will actually be brought into your library. Examples include YouTube or Vimeo videos, articles, and blogs.


Simply click the Add URL button, enter the site’s address into the space provided, and click Fetch.

In the window that appears, fill in the appropriate information, turn the Personal Library toggle to Yes, share the lecture where needed, and click Add to Schoox.

Please Note: You can choose to share this Video with one or more academies or groups you may be a member of, and have also the authorization to share content with. You can also put this video directly into a course you have created as a lecture.

ii. Upload a file

You are also able to add various documents, videos, and/or scorm files to your library, as well.

You have the choice of uploading one or more files from several different sources. Clicking the desired source in the left-hand column will walk you through the steps for that appropriate source.


After the upload process ends, you will be taken to the uploader page, where you'll have to wait until your file has been converted. Similar to uploading web-based material, you are given the option to share the file. You can share it, for example, with groups, or put it directly as a lecture into a course. When finished, save your file and return to your academy library.

2. By using SchooX's Bookmarking Tool

Another option you have is to use our bookmarking tool to easily share interesting websites you discover while surfing the web with others when you're not in Schoox. To do so you have to go to our tool page and install our bookmarklet on your browser by following the instructions (it's super easy).

Once you have installed the bookmarklet on your browser you will see the "Add to schooX" bookmarklet on your favorite toolbar. Whenever you discover something interesting on schooX just click on Add to schooX and the toolbox we described in the previous section will appear. From there you can decide what you want to do with the URL.

3. By clicking on the share link of a content element

Schoox is a very powerful content-sharing tool. Wherever you discover an interesting piece of content (e.g. a file or a bookmarked weblink) you will be given a share link that you can use to put this content into your personal library and share it also with others (friends on schooX, friends outside of schooX, group members, corporate Academy Library, etc). When you click on this share link you will see the color box below where you can decide with whom you want to share it. If you are authorized to share content with more than one Academies then all those Academies will show up in the sharing menu.

Schoox is a social learning and content management platform. You can discover content that you can easily share with others and with your corporate library on places like:

3.1 The public library on schooX (i.e. the place where all publicly shared content appears)

3.2 A group wall or group library (groups are a very powerful collaboration and knowledge sharing tool)


After clicking share a pop-up window appears. It allows you to choose who to share with the desired content. It could be Friends, Groups, or Academies. You can even share content by sending an Email.


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