The Difference Between a Private and a Public Course

As an Admin or Training Manager, you can decide whether a Course will be private or public. 

Private Mode

If your course is in Private mode, only users who either received an invitation or were assigned the Course can see it.

Please note: If a user received a shared invitation link won't be able to see the Course.


You can send invitations from the Course Administration Panel either to friends within Schoox or to people outside of Schoox. You can send invitations for free or via paid Courses. 

Public Mode

If your course is in Public mode, everyone who has access to the category that this Course is under will be able to see and enroll in it. You can select if you want the Course to only be available to your Employees or External Members as well, by selecting the relevant option on the Course manage page.


Read more: Making corporate courses visible only to employees and/or external members

You can then distinguish the published courses (purchased, public, private) on your Course listings page, by the descriptions under each Course's name. 


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