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Where are my courses I have enrolled in or been assigned?

1. Corporate Courses

Corporate courses and curricula either which you have enrolled in or which were assigned to you can be located under Training > My Training in the top navigation bar.


If there is a Due Date for a course or curriculum it will appear right after the course or curriculum description. Courses and Curricula that have a Due Date appear first on the list.

The course or curriculum that has been assigned to you will be marked as ‘Required’.


2. External Courses (Personal)

In order to access external (purchased courses), follow one of the following paths:

  • Hover over Training from the upper navigation menu, click on My training and select the My External Courses tab


  • Click on the Schoox "X" icon, select Learn from your personal navigation menu and then Personal Courses.

(Please note that from this page you will be able to view also your academy courses along with your purchased courses)



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