Creating a Course Using Content from a Personal Library

You can start creating a new course directly from your Library.

In order to do so, you must bookmark content in your Library, either by selecting Add to Schoox, or selecting Add URL, or selecting the Upload File button at the top of your Library.

1. Add content from your Library to a new Course

Once you have content stored or bookmarked in your Library, you can select it (while in your Library) by dragging and dropping it to the bottom of the page inside the Create Course box.

You can filter your Library and go to the Public Library. This follows you until you click on save or cancel. 

You can continue dragging and dropping content in the box. Once you have all your content added, you can select to save the course. You will then be directed to the Course Edit Info page where you can add more info about your course.

Keep in mind that in order for others to be able to attend your course, you have to make it public.
Just click the Private Button at the top the course card to make it Public.


2. Add content from your Library to an existing Course

You move content from your Library into lectures by adding it to your Course.

For further information see: How to add lectures to a course


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