Personal Library vs Corporate Library

Personal Library vs Academy Library

As a member of schooX you have a Personal Library where you can keep your content (e.g. learning resources) in terms of files and web resources (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo and TED videos, slideshare presentations, web pages etc).

If you are a member of an Academy then you will most likely also have access to your Academy Library (also referred often as a Corporate Library). Depending on the rules set by the Academy Admin, you may also be allowed to share content with your Academy Library.


1. Academy (Corporate) Library

To go to your Academy Library, select Library in the academy navigation bar. The academy navigation bar is indicated with your academy's logo on the left.


2. Personal Library

To go to your Personal Library, just click on the Schoox "X" icon from the upper navigation menu. Now you are in your personal navigation bar (you should have the logo of Schoox on your left). To access your Personal Library click on Library.


You can view Library directly within SchooX without having to leave the site. Click the name of any file to view it.

1. Watching a YouTube Video

2. Opening a PDF file

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