Utilizing the HTML Gadget on the Home Page

One of the gadgets you can add to your Home Page is the custom HTML gadget. This allows you to add embedded content or anything else you can think of using HTML to the Home Page. See: Utilizing Your Academy Home Page for more information.

When adding a Gadget, chose HTML to add an HTML block.

The HTML block gives you the option to either use it as a "what you see is what you get"-editor, or to

add custom HTML. To add custom HTML, which you want to do for things like embedded content, click on Source and add the code.

Click Source again to save the code and see what it will look like and click on the blue Save button to save this to the Home Page.

If you want the content to show up on the Mobile App as well, select Show on mobile app in the right corner. You will see that you can chose between Web and Mobile.

The mobile app will automatically copy the code from the Web tab. If you want to add different content to show on the Mobile App, select Use different text for mobile app and add either the source code or the text using the "what you see is what you get"-editor.

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