Mobile Release Notes — 2024

June 2024

Release 11.3.1

  • Video Exams: Require Correct AnswersThis update mirrors desktop functionality. There is now an option that requires the learner to respond correctly to each question within the video exam. If an answer is incorrect, the learner will be taken back to just after the previous question to re-watch that section again before attempting the question again.
  • Skills: Visier AI Integration — This update is associated with desktop functionality. This update will add filters to allow the user to more effectively navigate Visier AI integration, if the tool is used in the academy.

March 2024

Release 11.2.1

  • Udemy Integration — Udemy is now integrated into the Schoox Mobile app, as well. When a Udemy course link is selected, the course will open in a new browser window, where the course can be taken. Progress will be synced with the Schoox account, and appear in both the desktop version of Schoox, as well as the mobile app.
  • Date Format — Users can now select a date format to fit their needs. Tapping Date Format in the main menu opens a list of six formats from which to choose. The selection will take effect immediately upon saving. The selection only affects the individual's view.

February 2024

Release 11.1.1

  • The Onboarding Dashboard has been updated to make it more consistent with the web version. Additionally, We also added organizational filters to the dashboard, which should make looking up specific users easier.
  • Goals can now be archived and restored. When selecting a goal, the option to archive or restore is now available under Manage.  Additionally, you can now see whether a goal is completed within the dashboard. This will ensure that the goals listing is accurate and easily maintained for future reporting and recordkeeping needs.
  • When users self register to an event, they will now get a push-notification showing they have registered to the event. Clicking this notification will open the event immediately. 
  • Coaching forms will now synchronize offline input. This ensures that if the internet connection is lost while the form is filled in, the responses will be saved and synchronized when the user gets back on line, so that the information does not need to be re-entered.
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