SCORM Offline Feature in Mobile App

The procedural steps necessitated for users to access SCORM lectures offline are as follows:

  1. Initiate the download process for the SCORM lecture.


  1. Disable your Wi-Fi/data connectivity.
  2. Proceed with course engagement (video, documents, exams, etc).



Users must adhere to proper closure protocols for SCORM files. This entails initiating closure by selecting the "X" icon followed by utilizing the back button, as depicted below:




  1. Upon returning to the course card, users will encounter a pop-up notification prompting them to reconnect online for progress synchronization, as denoted by the message: "You’re offline – progress will sync when you’re online."
  2. To synchronize progress upon reconnecting online, users may employ any of the following methods: 
      • Navigate to Menu > Training > Available Offline. Here, users will find a listing of downloaded lectures and a synchronization button at the top-right corner. Upon activating this button, progress synchronization initiates, accompanied by a pop-up notification indicating ongoing synchronization activity. Upon successful completion, users receive confirmation and can verify updated progress on the course card.


    • Navigate to the application’s Settings > Offline Settings > Sync unsubmitted progress. Here, users will encounter a numerical indicator representing pending sync requests. By selecting this indicator, the synchronization process commences. Users will receive real-time notifications throughout the syncing process, culminating in confirmation upon completion. Subsequently, users may verify updated progress on their course card.

  • Reopening the course card: Initiating the process of syncing progress can be achieved by closing and reopening the entire course card. Following this action, users should allow a brief interval for progress synchronization to occur, after which updated progress should be visible.


It is strongly advised to engage with SCORM lectures offline initially. Users are encouraged to open the lecture while offline and, in the event of exiting the lecture, subsequently reconnect online to trigger synchronization. Following this procedure, users may re-engage with the SCORM lecture offline.

Acknowledging that synchronization may encounter obstacles such as poor internet connectivity is essential. Should synchronization failures persist for ten or more attempts, users will receive instructions to trigger synchronization manually.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that various course lecture formats, including videos, exams, images, and documents, are available for offline access. However, certain content types, such as online videos (either embedded or linked), external links, PDFs stored in alternate locations, or specific SCORM formats reliant on remote content, cannot be accessed offline.

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