Categorizing Purchased Courses

If you, as an Admin, have purchased a subscription for your academy you have the option to manage the courses within it from the Admin panel. You can select to have the relevant courses presented to the users who have been allocated a license, or categorize them and hide them from all users so that they can see only the courses assigned to them. Let's see how, in more detail!

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First, go to the top menu and click Admin. In the left panel select the Online Training tab and then the Categorize Purchased Courses sub-tab.

On the new page you will see the subscription package(s) that you have purchased as presented below:


Please note: Only Active subscriptions are shown on this page.

Having the Show All Courses checkbox selected on this page, all courses from this subscription will also appear in categories as given by the content provider. These categories are independent and will be shown in a separate block below your Academy categories. All users with a license will be able to see these categories and will be able to enroll in all courses of this subscription. 

If you want to further categorize the courses from this subscription click on the Select button. You will be redirected to a page where you will be able to put each course under one of your Academy's categories.

To categorize a course, just click the Select button and select t the category where you want the specific course to be listed. You can also set the course as a Compliance course by checking the Compliance checkbox. 


You can also select multiple courses and set the same category for all the selected courses in bulk. Just check the Courses, select the Category from the dropdown on the top of the page and click Associate. If you want you can also mark all the selected Courses as Compliance courses by clicking the Mark button. 

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