Setting Terms of Use for Your Academy

You, as an academy Admin, can set terms and conditions for your academy's use. Users determined by the criteria you set, would have to agree to these terms in order to enter the academy for the first time. 

Defining Your Terms

To define your terms and conditions Admin in the top navigation bar. Then, under Your Academy on the left, select Academy Terms


You have the option to change the title and add your own wording to something other than "Terms and Conditions". Then fill in the description of the terms. Once you are done with the description select the jobs and units or above units that these terms will apply, or select that the terms will apply to all members of the academy.


Don't forget to enable the terms before saving when you want your terms to be active.


Using Terms

When users matching the terms rule enter the academy for the first time, they will automatically be presented by the terms, and will need to agree to them before proceeding. Those not included in the terms rule will not need to agree to these terms.


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