How to edit the fields in my report?

In Report Builder, every type of report you create has some predefined fields. You can now edit these fields, add or delete some of them, change their order, creating the report that perfectly meets your needs.

  • Add field: Click on the Choose Field dropdown list and hit the field you want to add. Your field will be located at the end of the field list by default but you can change the order with a simple drag and drop.
  • Delete field: Just click on the "X" icon next to the name of the field that you want to delete.

  • Change field-name: Click on the edit icon in front of the field-name, edit the name and then click Save.

  • Apply filter (field-level): Click on the “small wrench” icon next to a field's name in order to filter the data of your report.

For example, you may want your report to include only the members who were enrolled in a course at a specific period.


For all date fields, you also have the ability to select a date format to filter your data based on either "Date" or "Date & Time".


Another example, related to your org structure is the filtering options when adding the type (of Above Unit) as an extra field.


In this example, you have the option to select if you want the report to include:

- Indirect associations: The field will be populated only if the user is associated with a Unit under an Above Unit of type A.

- Direct Associations: The field will be populated only if the user is directly associated with an Above Unit of type A.

Last but not least, what if a user is part of multiple Above Units of type A? Do you want all of the Above Units to be shown on the same row, comma/ space/ comma&space separated? Or do you prefer to have one row per Above Unit? It's up to you!


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