How do I track my progress - Personal Dashboard

Users can track their progress, see details about their training, goals and performance and get information about the perception gap between manual and self assessment.

Through the personal performance dashboard regular users (with non-managerial jobs) can easily identify their strengths and weaknesses, improve their metrics and choose a specific career path.

Please note that the admin of your academy defines which blocks will appear on the User's Dashboard, based on the Advanced Academy Settings.

Select Me and then My Dashboard from the upper navigation menu. 

An overview of your performance is presented in the Summary tab. You can find here information about:

1. Job and Metrics performance giving information about your metrics’ strength

These blocks give you information about your metric-strength per job and your performance per metric. Select a specific job or metric to see the progress of your performance in time.


Click on the View Details field, next to the block's title to have a more detailed overview of where you stand among others in your academy. You can check your assessments from your Online Training, from your Managers, and as well as the combined one, either for each metric separately, for all the metrics associated with each job, or for assessments made on a specific date.

For more information on how to keep track of your Metric Progress read here: How to keep track of my Metrics Assessments / Progress?

2. Job and Metrics ranking

In these blocks, you can see the top five ranking scores (per job and metric) within your academy. This will help you to check how much more effort you should put in order to improve your position.


Please note:

  • Ranking blocks are being shown in this tab only if the admin of your academy has the relative academy setting enabled.
  • Employee's identity will be hidden if the admin of your academy has the relative academy setting enabled.
  • Users have also the option to hide their name in Dashboard Rankings. In order to do so, navigate to Me >My Settings on the top toolbar, click on Privacy settings and check your Dashboard Visibility setting.

3. Compliance Rate & Credits

Here you are able to review your Compliance Rate and the number of Credits you have collected, both total and per type. 


Compliance: If you click on "View details", you will be able to review all the compliance courses that you are enrolled in and check your progress in them. 


Credits: If you click on "View details", you will be able to review all the credits you have acquired, how much more you are required to acquire, and even upload external credits, if this is allowed in your academy.


4. Career Paths

Here you'll find any career path you follow according to your job description and career paths you’ve already set up for yourself. You can check your metric strength and track your progress for a specific career path. You have now the option to monitor the correlation between the number of completed courses and your metric strength as well as have an overview of how much a course impacts your metric strength.

5. Training

Track your progress and see details about your total time spent on any curriculum, course, lecture, and exam of your training. Check the total number of your Courses as well as your Completion Rate and the number of your Certifications. Click on the View Details field to have a full report of your academy training, which includes useful information, such as the time spent on each lecture, the number of views, exam attempts and scores, etc. You are able to dive deeper into each of the topics by clicking either on the topic's name or on the related graph icon.


6. Your Metric Strength for alternative Jobs to consider

In this block you can compare your current score (metric strength) with the requirements of other relevant jobs. You can follow specific career path by clicking on the Improve button.


Your career path will guide you through the process to learn how to expand your metric -set for this path.

Please note that this block will be presented only if the admin of your academy has the Adaptive Learning - Career Paths setting enabled.

7. Perception Gap

Once the employee and the manager have both provided their assessment, the perception gap block will show the differences either for each metric separately or the total average gap of all skills.Please note that this block will be hidden if the admin of your academy has disabled the self-assesment setting for your academy.

8. Goals Performance

In this block you can have an overview of the organizational or personal goals, assigned to you. You are able to track your goals' progress by selecting the pillar of your interest and your job.Click on the View Details field, next to the block's title to see more information about your goals, such as the detailed description of your goal and the target date that your goal should be achieved.

9. Onboarding

Under the Onboarding tab each user can have an overview of his/her Onboarding profiles' statistics. By selecting a specific profile, he/she will be able to get some more details per activity, if all of the activities have been completed, if there was a delay, etc.


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