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How to oblige your employees to retake a curriculum

Schoox gives you now the option to require that specific members retake a curriculum.

Just navigate to your Admin tab from the upper navigation menu and select one of the available options that you have in order to oblige a user to retake a curriculum:

  • Employees Dashboard
  • Oblige to Retake page

Employees Dashboard

From the left side menu, select Employees Dashboard under Reporting, and click on the Curricula tab.

Search the Curriculum and the User that you want and click on the wrench icon, as presented in the following image.


Click Oblige to Retake, and Save.

The same procedure can be completed through Employees tab. Just search for the employee that you want, select the course you'd like him/her to retake, click on the wrench icon and then hit Oblige to Retake.Employees_tab.PNG


Oblige to Retake page

From the left side menu, select Oblige to Retake under Online Training, and click on the Curricula tab.


First, you need to select the curriculum that you want (you can find the curriculum easier using the relevant search field). Once you have found the curriculum, click on the name of it to select it.

After the desired curriculum is selected, it is time to select the users that you want to oblige to retake it. You have the option to select either specific employees (Individual retake), or a group of employees based on their job and location (Advanced retake).

Individual retake


Advanced retake


Once you have selected the users that you want, click on the blue "Oblige to retake" button at the bottom of your page in order to complete the proccess.

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