How to oblige your employees to retake a curriculum

Schoox gives you now the option to require that specific members retake a curriculum. You have also the option to create automated reassignment rules.

Just navigate to your Admin tab from the upper navigation menu and select one of the available options that you have in order to oblige a user to retake a curriculum:

  • Employees Dashboard
  • Oblige to Retake page

Employees Dashboard

From the left side menu, select Employees Dashboard under Reporting, and click on the Curricula tab.

Search the Curriculum and the User that you want and click on the wrench icon, as presented in the following image.


Add a due date (if needed) and hit Oblige to Retake.

The same procedure can be completed through Employees tab. Just search for the employee that you want, select the Curriculum you'd like him/her to retake, and click on the wrench icon. Add a due date (if needed) and hit Oblige to Retake.


Oblige to Retake page

From the left side menu, select Oblige to Retake under Online Training, and click on the Curricula tab.


First, you need to select the curriculum that you want (you can find the curriculum easier using the relevant search field). Once you have found the curriculum, click on the name of it to select it.

After the desired curriculum is selected, it is time to select the users that you want to oblige to retake it. You have the option to select either specific employees (Individual retake) or a group of employees based on their job and location (Advanced retake).

Individual retake

You can find individuals easier using the search field and drop-down filter menus. In order to select an individual, simply click the Plus symbol next to his/her name in the left-hand column. The user will then appear in the right-hand Selected column. To remove an individual from the list, click the Minus symbol.


Once you have selected the users that you want, add a new due date and click on the blue "Oblige to retake" button at the bottom of your page in order to complete the process.

Advanced retake

You can also select users based on their job and location. Moreover, you can create a reassignment rule to be applied automatically in the future.

Under Advanced retake, select the specific job to which this retake process should be applied. Then, select both the desired Above Units and Units in their respective columns, filtering using the drop-down menus, if needed. You can also filter the users based on custom fields that you have set up for your Academy by clicking the "Choose Additional Fields" dropdown. There you will also find the Academy Joined Date and Hired Date fields as options for filtering. The number of individuals affected will appear below.


You have the choice of either obliging this group to retake the selected curriculum this one time and/or setting up a rule that will automatically oblige individuals under these parameters to retake it in the future.

Check Automated reassignment rule to create a rule for this curriculum. You can create automated reassignment rules in two ways:

1. Reassign every x months from curriculum enrollment/completion


2. Reassign on a specific date


Please note that you have the option to choose if you want to exclude users that have already completed the curriculum.

Moreover, you have the option to set a Rule Expiration Datewhich will define until when the rule should be active.

Add a due date and a message if you want to, and click the blue Reassign now and Set Rule button when finished.


Please note: If you create a re-assignment rule and set a specific due date (e.g. 10 days), this due date will be applied in every new re-assignment. 

Oblige to Retake using a Template

You can also Oblige your users to Retake a Curriculum by using the Oblige to Retake template. To download the Oblige to Retake template, head to the Oblige to Retake page, select Curricula, and then click on the "Download Template" icon.


Once you receive the template, then the next step is to add all of the needed information. For each user you want to oblige to retake, you will need to add a User ID or an External ID, or an Email. Then you have to add the Curriculum ID of the desired curriculum, and a Due Date, if needed. 

Once you have filled in all the needed fields in the spreadsheet, click on the "Upload Template" icon, and upload your spreadsheet. The users that you included in your template will be obliged to retake the respective curriculum!

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