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Courses and Curricula Visibility Rules in Reporting Dashboard

Users with Admin rights, Training Managers and Managers with the Reporting permission enabled have access to the Reporting dashboard, where they can find very detailed data about their employees’ training performance, simply by checking the relevant Dashboard tab.

You, as an Admin, have now the option to apply a setting regarding the view access to courses & curricula to non-admins that have reporting permission enabled.

In order to do so, select the Your Academy tab from the left-side panel and click on the Academy Settings. In the new page select the Advanced Settings tab and click on the Visibility Rules for Courses and Curricula in Reporting setting to expand.

Managers with the Reporting permission enabled will be able to see all academy courses & curricula if the “All Courses and Curricula toggle is set to “yes”.


If you want to apply specific access restrictions, and allow Reporters to see only those courses/ curricula that are permitted through category permissions, set the “All Courses and Curricula toggle to “no”. Three new settings will appear where you have the option to decide whether the Reporters will be able to see the following or not:

  • Courses and Curricula with no enrolled employees
  • Uncategorized Private Courses and Curricula
  • Categorized Private Courses and Curricula


As an example, if you have applied the settings presented in the previous image, the Reporter will be able to see only the data related with the employees that are under his/her authorization and their courses/curricula that are not private & listed under the “Without category” section at the same time.


  • Selecting a date range or downloading the excel file will give you the option to check some basic information regarding your employees’ training performance, such as Total hours spent, Total number of courses, number of course completions and Completion rate.
  • Clicking an individual's name will bring up a list of user’s associated courses, curricula, exams, and on the job trainings that the reporter has the permission to access.


Please note: The presented data are associated only with the courses/curricula that the reporter has the permission to access, based on the advanced academy settings.

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