Setting Up Prerequisites for a Course

Schoox gives you the option to set prerequisites for your Courses in order to make sure that your employees will have the proper knowledge when they will try to complete their training.

You, as an Admin, have the option to set the prerequisites for a Course from the Prerequisites page. Once the prerequisites have been set, users will be required to complete them prior to the actual course that they want to take.

You can add both Courses and/or Curricula as a prerequisite to a Course. Let's check how you can achieve this in more detail!

To find the Prerequisites page, first, click Admin and then Online Training. Under Online Training, select the Prerequisites tab.  

On this page, you can select to Add new prerequisites to a Course or review/manage all courses with prerequisites along with the entire path of prerequisites connections. They can also specify the order that prerequisites are displayed on the course or if some users need to be excluded from the prerequisites. For some more information on this, please read also: How to keep track of all of the Prerequisites in my Academy?


Use the search bar to find the Course you want to add the prerequisites to. Once you find it, click Add. You will be redirected to the Manage Course page, under the Prerequisites tab. 

Select the Courses and/or the Curricula that you want to add as prerequisites by clicking the "+" icon next to their name. Once you are done click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The Prerequisites will be shown on the About page of the course.


When the user will try to take this course, the steps will be greyed out until the prerequisites are completed.

If the course has multiple prerequisites, the user will have to click on the arrow icon in order to see all of them:multiple_prereqs.png

Please Note: An error page may appear the learner has no access to the course's category. When setting up prerequisites, it is important to ensure learners have access to all items.

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