Creating Curriculum Sections

Schoox gives you the option to organize the training material included in a curriculum by breaking it down into sections. As an example, you can separate your courses by topic or by difficulty and create your own sections.

How to Add a Section

Simply select Training > Curricula from the upper navigation bar, click on the Manage Curriculum field of your Curriculum and then select the Edit Courses option from the Curriculum Panel.

In order to add a new Section, just click on the Add Sections field, type the desired Section name and click on the Save button.


Once you have created the Sections, you can define the sequence of the Courses per Section with a simple drag & drop.

Don't forget to click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Your employees will be able to track their progress not only for each course but also for each section.

Admins, Training Managers, and Managers with the Reporting permission enabled will be able to track their members' curriculum progress by accessing the Employees' Dashboard. To do so, go to Reporting, click on the Curricula tab, find the Curriculum in question and click on the Details option next to the user's name.

You have the option to check the curriculum progress, the progress per section, as well as the course progress for each course included in the curriculum sections.


Please note that if all courses under a section are not needed for curriculum completion, then the section progress will appear as zero. 

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