How to associate an Above Unit/ Unit to multiple Users?

You, as an Admin, are able to add multiple users to a specific (Above) Unit at once. To do so, go to your Administration panel and click on the Associate Units to Users option, under Members.


You can filter your list or you can search for a specific (Above) Unit, using the relevant searchbar. In order to select the desired (Above) Unit, just click on it's name.

You are then landing into the Select Users page, where you will be given the option to associate the selected (Above) Unit either to specific employees (Individual Association), or to a group of employees based on their job and location (Advanced Association).

1. Individual Association

You can find individuals easier using the search field and drop-down filter menus.

To add an individual to the selected (Above)Unit, simply click on the Plus symbol next to his/her name in the left-hand column. His/her name will then appear in the right-hand Selected column. To remove an individual to the list, click on the Minus symbol.


After selecting the desired individuals, click on the blue Associate button at the bottom of your page.

2. Advanced Association

You can also associate a Unit/ Above Unit to one or more groups of people based on their job and location. Moreover, you can create an association rule to associate future/past hires automatically.

Under Advanced Association, select the specific job to which you want to apply this association.


Then, select both the desired Above Units and Units in their respective columns, filtering using the drop-down menus, if needed.
The number of individuals affected will appear below.


You have the choice of either associate the Unit to this group this one time, and/or setting up a rule that will automatically associate individuals under these parameters in the future.

  • Check Automated Association Rule to make this association a rule for future members.
  • Check Exclude existing academy members if you ONLY want this to pertain to future members, as opposed to associating it now.
  • Check Dissociate when criteria are not met anymore to automatically remove users from (Above) Units once they don't match the association criteria anymore.

Please note: You have also the option to associate an Above Unit/ Unit to individuals that belong to more than one group. You can create and combine multiple rules with criteria that match to more than one set, by using the "Add More Associated Rules" option.

Click on the blue Associate Now/Set Rule button at the bottom of the page when finished.

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