Academy Events

As an Academy Admin, you have the option to create Academy Events! Academy Events are actually quick Events that you can create from the Calendar and are visible to all Academy Members.

In order to create a quick academy event, just go to your Calendar (on the Academy's home page), click on a future date, and a pop up will appear where you can add some basic information about your event (Title, Description, Location, Start/End time).


In case you would like to edit the quick academy event, simply click on it, and after the edits hit "Save".
To delete the quick academy event, click the "Delete" button.

You also have the option to choose the color that you want to have for Academy Events.


Please note:
The quick academy events are not part of any email notification in the system. Academy events were created in order to give Admins the option to create a quick event for all academy members. Any other additional functionality is covered by the In-Class Training events and Live Sessions.

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