Managing Leaderboards

Leaderboards add friendly competition to your academy. The more active one is, the more points are earned. The more points earned, the higher the rank on the leaderboard.

Activating Leaderboards in Your Academy

As an academy administrator, you have the choice of whether or not you'd like a leaderboard for your academy. If you want to enable this feature, select Admin in the top navigation bar. On the left, under Your Academy, select Academy Settings. In Gamification Module, flip the Leaderboard toggle to yes.


Navigating to and Hiding Leaderboards

Several leaderboards have already been created for you. Moreover, you can build custom Leaderboards for your academy if the default set does not fit your needs.

Leaderboards is found under the Gamification tab of your Administration panel.


There are 7 different leaderboards that are already created for your academy: Discoverer, Collector, Influencer, Team Builder, Learner, Social Folk, and Instructor. These leaderboards cannot be deleted, but you have the option to hide these leaderboards if you'd rather not use them.


The points of a hidden leaderboard will not be added to members' totals. However, the relevant points will continue to be calculated in the background. If you decide to make the leaderboard visible in the future, the points will be properly awarded to users retroactively.

Creating Custom Leaderboards

To create a custom leaderboard for your academy, select the green Create Leaderboard button.

Give the leaderboard a descriptive title, and configure it to fit your needs.


  • Add a Title that reflects the purpose of this Leaderboard
  • Choose the Type of your Leaderboard
    • Academy Leaderboard: All users will be able to see this Leaderboard and compete for it. This is a Global Leaderboard.
    • Limited Leaderboard: This type of Leaderboard will be limited only to a certain population of your Academy (e.g. a certain department, a certain region etc.). Only those members will be able to see and compete for it. This is a Local Leaderboard.
    • Extended: This is practically the combination of the above types. By creating a Leaderboard of this type, all users will be able to see not only the Local version of this Leaderboard but also the Global one. You also have the option to define a certain population of your Academy that will compete for it (e.g. a certain department, a certain region etc.).
  • Select if you want this Leaderboard to be visible to all academy members (regardless of the Leaderboard-type). When the Academy wide view checkbox is checked, all academy members will be able to see this Leaderboard.
  • Choose if you want the points from the associated activities to always count for the total gamification score of each user even if the leaderboard is set to inactive. If this setting is unselected then the points related to this leaderboard will not count for the overall score of the users. However, the points are kept in the background and once this option is reenabled, then these points will be added to the total score.
  • Add the weighting factor for the total gamification score. The awarded points per leaderboard are multiplied by the respective weighting factor and sum up to the total gamification score.
  • Select an icon for this new Leaderboard
  • If the type of your academy was either Limited or Extended, you will have to choose which population of your Academy will compete for this leaderboard. Just select Jobs and the relevant (Above) Units.


Adding Activities

Now you are ready to choose the activities through which members will be able to earn points for your leaderboard! Just click on the Open button, hit +Add activity, and use the dropdown menu in order to find the desired activity.


The general categories of the available activities are the following ones:

  • Learner Activities
  • Instructor Activities
  • Content Sharing Activities
  • Social Activities

Add the points you want the activity to award. For activities related to Courses or Curricula, you also have the option to select which courses or curricula should award points.  

  • All Courses — Users will receive points when completing any academy or purchased courses.
  • Selected Courses — Users will receive points when completing only specific courses. Note: This drop-down only shows purchased courses that have at least one enrolled learner.


  • The activities must have at least one role with non-zero points
  • You can add as many activities as you need
  • Many activities when performed provide points to multiple members, depending on their role. For example, when a member completes a course he earns points as a Learner but at the same time, you can choose for the Instructor of the course to earn points as well.
  • In many activities (such as Complete a Scorm Lecture), you have the option to define the points that should be awarded per minute as well as the max points that can be awarded.

Making the Leaderboard Visible

Once you have finished, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page and if you want to make the leaderboard visible, make sure that you have turned the relevant toggle to yes (Your Academy's Leaderboard page). If you want to edit a Leaderboard that you created, just click on the edit icon, next to your Leaderboard's title.

Screenshot_12.pngThe members of your academy can now see the Leaderboard that you created.

Please note that you, as an Admin, have the option to enable two in-app notifications that will inform the user about the points he earned for each one of the activities and motivate them to climb the rankings! You can learn more about these notifications here: Leaderboard Notifications

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