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How to manage my groups?

Groups have several functions available that will allow group members to collaborate and interact with each other. Let's check these functions in more detail!

Select Groups from the upper navigation menu, find the Group in question and hit Manage Group.


On the left side of the page, under Group Panel you can see all of the Group functions.



Wall: Share your messages, useful links and/or images!


Please note that group members have the option to schedule a group wall post to be published on a specified date!

All discussions: Discussion boards will allow you to have conversations or gather feedback from the group members about specific topics.


Content: Use the Group Library to store material relevant to your Group.

Group Members: Use the Group Members tab to view the members of your group, assign administrative permissions to other group members or award them a badge.


Admins: Use the Admins tab to see the users who have administrative permissions to your group.

Edit Group: Use this tab if you want to edit the current settings of your group.

Edit Image: Use this tab if you want to upload an image for your group.

Polls: Use the Polls tab to create polls within your group and get feedback from the group members!


Note: Don't forget to publish your poll!

Send Invitations & Register Members: Add group members or invite them to join! For more details, please check the following article: How can I add members to a Group?

Edit Badges: You can create a new badge, edit an existing one or delete a badge that you do not need anymore. 



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