Available Information on External Members Dashboard

The External Members' Dashboard is a reporting tool that will help you keep track of the External Members in your Academy. To find this Dashboard just click on the Admin tab (from the upper navigation menu), select Reporting, and then click on the External Members Dashboard option.

Under this page, you can see which is the number of the External Members in your Academy, how much time they have spent on their training, on how many courses they are enrolled in, and last but not least, which is their Average Completion Rate.


You can also select Courses and Exams for some more information on a specific course or exam.

Once you click on a member's name you will be able to see more information regarding this user, such as the progress per course, exam scores, etc.Screenshot_11.png


Please also note that through the External Members' Dashboard, you can unassign courses from the external members and mark their courses as completed by admin.



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