Monitoring My Academy Games

In SchooX, you can participate in games inside your Academy if your Admin has set them up! To check if there are active games in your Academy that you can participate in, navigate to your personal profile (Me> My Profile) and click Accomplishments. If there are active games for you to be a part of you can see those games, as well as your current progress on these games, under the Academy Badges option.


On this page you are also able to check:

1) How many credits you need to reach the next level and get the next badge
2) How many levels there are in each game and how many credits each level needs
3) How to earn credits in each game

Please note that the activities that earn you credits might differ from game to game if your Academy's admin has set them this way.

If you click on "How to earn credits" you will be redirected to a page that will help you understand how you can collect more points by learning and having fun!


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