Viewing Pending Credit Requests

In Schoox, your employees are able to get credit not only for the training they completed in Schoox but also for external training. If you have set a credit type as uploadable, the members from your Academy are able to upload external certificates and request a certain number of credits for this training.

You, as an Academy Admin and the Managers with the "Manage External Credits Requests" permission, are able to review these requests and decide if you want to accept or decline them. To view the pending credit requests, just go to Admin, select Credits from the left-side menu, and click on the Pending Requests option


On this page, you are able to check all the pending credit requests of your Academy. You can see which member made the requests and if you click on Details you will able to see the Type and the Number of Credits the user requested as well as the Title and Date of the external training he/she completed. Additionally, you are able to download the certificate the user uploaded if you need to.

You can then decide if you will accept or decline each request, and you can also add a comment that will be sent to the user by email. The comment will be sent along with an email notification which will inform the user that the requested credits were accepted/declined and who accepted/declined. 


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