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How to track the assessments per user, job and skill?

After everything related to skills is set up, you can use two different dashboards (under your administration panel) to track the skills’ assessments:

  • Assessments: by Users
  • Assessments: by Skills & Jobs


Please note that both pages only take Manual and Automated assessments into account. Self-assessments are not contributing to the scores presented in these dashboards.

>Assessments: by Users

Within Assessments: by Users, you can see individual assessment you can filter and search to quickly find specific individuals. From this page, you can see which is the best job ranking for each user and which is the average score for this job. Moreover, you can see which is the best skill ranking per user along with the average score for this skill.


Click on the name of the user to dive into his/her results. You can either see the Combined results (Manual & Automated assessment) or check the results separately, for Automated and Manual Assessment. By clicking on a specific Job or Skill, you can see the progress of the user over time.



>Assessments: by Skills & Jobs

Within Assessments: by Skills & Jobs you can see where each individual stands next to their peers in both on various Academy's skills and jobs. So for example, you can easily see who may be a choice to move up to manager.

Click on the Skills/ Jobs tab, find the Skill/ Job that you are interested in, and click on its title.


You can now see the average score for each user. Please note that the average score is coming from all non-self assessments on a certain skill/ job.


By clicking on the graph icon, you can see the progress of the user over time.


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