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How to Connect Metrics with Jobs & Courses?

Once you have selected the metrics/ metric groups that are relevant to your Academy, you are ready to associate them with specific Jobs and Courses. Or more precisely the exams within the courses. The exam questions must reflect the associated metrics and the exam score within a course can then point to the jobs in which individuals may excel.

To connect metrics with Jobs and Courses, click on the Admin tab, select the Performance Metrics tab from your Administration panel, and click on Connect Metrics - Jobs - Courses.


>Connect Metrics with Jobs

Select one or multiple jobs to connect them with metrics. Feel free to use the search bar at the top of the page to filter your results. You can also 


If you want to check if a Job is already connected with a metric, just click on the arrow next to the job title. All of the associated metrics along with their priority and the required proficiency level will be displayed. You can also click on the arrow next to each metric to check any available details.


Once you have selected the job(s), click on the Connect button at the top or the bottom of the page. It’s time to connect the selected job(s) with any metrics or grouped metrics!

Select the metrics or the groups of metrics that are required for the selected job(s) and add the required proficiency level per metric. You have the option to weigh the importance of each metric (Priority column), as it relates to the job. To do so, just adjust the weight with a slider.


>Connect Metrics with Courses

Under Connect with Courses, you can set up which metrics should be assessed through each course. This determination must be then carried to the actual exams within those courses. Otherwise, you will end up analyzing false data.

You can find the desired course/s using the search bar at the top of the page. Click on the arrow next to the metric name to check if this course is already associated with a Job/ Metric. You can select to connect multiple courses at the same time. Finally, click on the Connect button to associate this course/s with the desired metrics, grouped metrics, and jobs!


You can connect the selected Course/s with any metric, group of metrics or job. To do so, just select the relevant tab, select the desired metric(s), group(s), and/or job(s), and hit Save. Please note that you can filter the metrics by industries, tiers, categories, and types and see the details available for each skill by clicking the arrow next to it.


Please note that if you select to connect a course with a job, the selected course will automatically inherit this job's metrics.

>Filtering Courses based on the Connected Metrics

After you connect your Academy's courses with metrics, your academy members will be able to filter their course training based on the connected metric a course has. The Metrics tab will be available for the users under the Courses page, where they will be able to select a metric, to see all the courses connected with this Metric. Moreover, they could select a Group of Metrics and see all the courses that are connected to a metric of this group. 


Please note that the metrics listed to a user, are only those that are connected with courses that the user has access to.

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