Tracking Assessment Requests

You can request managers, who have the permission to complete performance assessments, to assess their team members. These requests can either be one-off or periodic. As an Admin, you can track these requests to check which of them were completed and which are still on a pending status.

To learn more about how to request an assessment: How can I request an Assessment?

To track these requests, click on the Admin tab (from the upper navigation menu), select Performance Metrics from the left-side menu, and click Track Requests. On this page, you can see all the requests you have made in the past, their starting date, their status (complete or incomplete), and if they are on time/delayed.

Please note that the due date for a metrics assessment is five days (from the starting date) by default. 


For all the requests that have a future starting date, you are able to edit their starting date or delete them. 

To further check a request click on the Open button. Once you open the desired request, you will be able to see further details for this request. These details include:
1) At which part of the organization this manager has a job and will be able to assess
2) The name of the manager
3) If this manager has completed this assessment or not.


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