Tracking Offline Exams

If an Admin/ Training Manager/ Course Creator has created an exam for a course having the Allow Exam to be Printed setting enabled, you as an Admin, Training Manager, or Manager with reporting permissions on the exam can deliver offline exams by printing the exam. To print the exam please access the exam step and click on the Print Exam button at the top of the page.

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A pdf file will be downloaded. Feel free to share this pdf file with the users that need to take this exam offline and you will then be able to upload records of paper exams for a specific Unit/ Above Unit!

To do so, please go to the Employees' dashboard and click on the Exams tab.


Find the exam in question and click on its title! Select an Above Unit/ Unit using the filtering options and click on the Offline Exam Records option.


Click on the blue Upload button and upload the file(s) that you want to!


You will then be able to replace/ download and/ or delete the files you uploaded!


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