Creating a Pool of Course/Curriculum Polls

In the case of Course and Curriculum Polls, as an Admin, you have the option to create pools in order to be able to use your existing polls in other courses/curricula.


When a Course/Curriculum pool is created, it belongs to its owner and can contain polls that each one created within any academy. Non-admin users can only view and add polls from their own pools or admin/training manager pools. They cannot see other users' pools. All admins of the academy can use these groups of polls in order to associate them with other courses/curricula.

Let's review the process of a Course poll pool!

Please note that the process is similar for Curricula poll pools. 

Add a poll to a pool
While creating a new poll you can click on Add to pool (at the bottom right) and create a new pool. Give a name to your polls' pool and click OK. You can also place your poll to an existing pool by selecting the desired one instead of creating a new one.


Add multiple polls to a pool

If you want to add multiple polls to a pool at once, just click on the checkboxes next to the desired polls and hit "Add to Pool".mult_add_to_pool.png

Add a poll from the pool to the Course

The next time that you will create a new course, instead of creating a new poll-step, you can click on the Poll Pools option under your Course panel, filter the results based on the pool name and add to the Course the poll that you want to.add_to_course.png

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