Locating My Performance Reviews

Regardless of your role/ job or permissions in Schoox, the path that you'll have to follow to access your Performance Reviews is the same!

Hover over the Performance tab from your top navigation bar and click on the Reviews option.


The view will be a bit different depending on your role and your permissions:


  • My Reviews: Under this tab, each logged-in user can see all of his/her reviews. Practically, the user can see the self-reviews he/she has to make & the reviews that his/her manager has released for him/her.
  • My Team Reviews: Under the "My Team Reviews" each manager & reviewer can see which are the reviews that he/she is involved in along with the status of each review cycle.6.3.png By clicking on the Review Now option the Manager will be able to see the reviews that he has to complete for the users under his/ her org structure.
  • My Approvals: Under this tab, the Approvers will be able to find the reviews they have to approve.

Under the My Reviews, and My Team Reviews tabs you will notice a "Rating" column. This column is populated only in case of completed reviews and it indicates the total score of an employee’s performance once all reviews are completed. If there are multiple reviewers involved, the column will display an info icon instead.

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