How to complete the Performance Review for my direct reports?

Regardless of your role/ job or permissions in Schoox, the path that you'll have to follow to access your Performance Reviews is the same!

Hover over the Performance tab from your top navigation bar and click on the Reviews option.


Under the My Team Reviews tab, find the incomplete review in question and click on the blue Review Now button.


On the next page, you will see all users whose profiles are ready to be reviewed by you. Just click on the Review Now button of each user to dive into their profile!


Under the Reviews tab you can start adding your review, the Holistic Dashboard is practically a quick view of the user's dashboard and under the Profile tab, you can find all certificates/badges of the selected user.

Moreover, under the Employee Score column, you can find the self-review ratings (if any). 


Click on the arrow next to the Performance Area, add a rating and a review and don't forget to click Save when finished.


Repeat the same process for all performance areas and your review will be saved as draft. Once you have finalized your review, feel free to click on the Release button at the bottom of the page.


Please note that once you'll release your review, you won't be allowed to make any changes. The review will appear now as completed/ pending approval (if an approval process is in place) and you'll have only the option to view it and not to edit anything.




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