How can I assign a curriculum to employees? [mobile app]

In Schoox, Admins, Training Managers and users with the Assign Training permission enabled can assign curricula via the mobile application by following the next steps. Simply, select Training on the main navigation menu and click on Curricula.


Find the curriculum in question, hit the "arrow" symbol, and select Assign Curriculum.

Arrow_curriculla_assign.png         Assign_option_curriculum.png

Next, you can select the individuals you wish to assign the curriculum.


There is also the option to find individuals easier and assign the curriculum to people based on their job and location by using the filter menus. Simply, click the "filter" symbol, set your filters, and select Apply.

select_filter.png         Set_filters.jpg


After selecting the individuals click on the Next button.

Select_filtered_individuals.jpg         Assign_curriculum_settings.jpg


From this menu, you can configure the assignment according to your needs. You have the option to schedule the curriculum to be assigned on a specific date in the future. You can also give your individuals a due date by typing in either the number of days in which they have to complete the curriculum or a specific date by which the curriculum needs to be completed. Please note that in both cases, the due date is being defined based on the logged-in user's (assignor's) preferred timezone.

Future_assignment.png        Due_date.png


Add an attachment, if you want to, and you are ready to Assign your curriculum! 

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