Viewing Email Notification Changes

Sure! As an Admin, you have the option to see which were the changes that were applied for all editable notifications!

Just click on the History tab under the desired Notification.


If any changes were applied, you will be able to see them in the table that will arise (what was changed, when, and by whom).


For each record, you will be able to find information about:

  • Action →  Which was the action that was performed?
  • Changed by → Who applied this change?
  • Date → When was this change applied?
  • Status → Which was the status of this notification at that time (Active/Inactive)?
  • Language → Which were the affected languages?
  • Style → Which part of the notification was affected? 
  • Content → The change of the notification- if that was in its body. 
  • Days→ Which was the "Days" value at that time?
  • GMT→ Which was the time zone at that time?
  • Time → At what time was the notification triggered back then?
  • Recipients → Who were the recipients of this notification at that time?
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