Certificate ID Versus Certificate Verification code?

Course, Curriculum and Event Certificates are associated with two unique identifiers:

  • The Certificate ID
  • Certificate Verification code



The Certificate ID is a unique ID for the user's certificate that is related to the completed Course, Curriculum, or Event. ("www.schoox.com/c138212068" in the example of the screenshot)

The Certificate Verification code is also unique for the user's certificate.  ("a9d3b50" in the example of the screenshot)

The conjunction of these two unique identifiers is used to verify the certificate authentication.

For example, if a non Schoox user wants to verify that a Schooox user is awarded a Certificate, this can be done by selecting the Certificate's ID URL and filling in the requesting Certificate Verification code.


Once the Enter button will be clicked, the requested Certificate will be printed!



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